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EyeLash Tweezers Applicator


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The Lash Applicator is versatile and offers dual sided ends that are necessary for the flawless and perfect application of false lashes. One end hosts a curved end which allows for a secure grip and hold of the lash during the application process. Then the other end is an angled rubber tip that aids in the secured adhesion of the lash to the lash line when it is applied.

Step By step Direction:

"How to use Eyelash Tweezers Applicator for eyelashes"-

Place eyelashes in between tweezer gently secure them by pressing down on the handles. (Do not pull lash fur only lash band)

Length check! Using tweezers measure your lash strip to your natural lash bed. Trim excess outer corner to correct sizing.

Prep your natural lash with a lash curler or apply mascara.

Whirl lash band around you finger for a more snug fit.

After applying adhesive along lash band. Wait a few seconds for glue to become tacky.

Apply lashes to natural lash base starting from the inner center of lash bed, then adjust both ends.

Place Lashes between tweezers & crimp down mink lashes to your own natural lashes for a natural look.

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Lash 804
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